Kunqu, My Only Treasure – Centennial Celebration of Mrs. Chung-ho Chang Frankel

Mrs. Chung-ho Chang Frankel, advisor of Kunqu Society and renowned Kunqu practitioner, poet, and calligrapher, turned exactly one hundred years old this year. For her centennial celebration, the society cordially held a series of Kunqu events scheduled for June 2013 to send our heartfelt thanks and best wishes to the last female talent of the Republican era of China and the foremost calligrapher of the xiaokai style, Mrs. Frankel.

Among the series of events is the Kunqu performance of Kunqu, My Only Treasure on Sunday, June 9, 2013, 2 p.m., at Miller Theatre of Columbia University (2960 Broadway, New York, NY 10027; #1 Subway Train @ 116 Street).

This program featured Ms. Aiping Kong, top-ranked performer nationally in China, winner of the prestigious Plum Blossom Award for artistic excellence, and advisor of the Kunqu art for the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group. She performed with the following Resident Artists of Kunqu Society: Mr. Min Cheng, Ms. Jiehua Shi, Mr. Dezhang Wu, Mr. Qinglin Cai, Ms. Ling Yang, Mr. Jing Shan, and Ms. Haiyi Yin. Together they presented four classical Kunqu highlight scenes: The Palace of Eternal Youth – The Pledging of Love, The Peony Pavilion – The Self-Portrait, The Water Margin – Taken Alive, and The Phoenix MountainPrincess Florets.

In the orchestra are: Mr. Jiannong Wang, lead flutist of the Jiangsu Kunqu Theatre Troupe, top-ranked flutist nationally in China; Mr. Yang Shen, lead drummer of the Jiangsu Kunqu Theatre Troupe; Mr. Zhiliang Ji, Vice Principle of the Wuxi Culture and Arts School and former Resident Artist of the society; as well as noted New York musicians Mr. Shirong Huang, Mr. Linsong Wang, Ms. Liqun Li, and Mr. Bairu Song.


“The Pledging of Love”

Emperor Minghuang: Dezhang Wu Lady Yang: Jiehua Shi
Court Attendants*: Jin Gao, Rong Gao, Janet Li, Laifong Lo
Court Maids*: Zhifang Wang, Hong Wang, Roxana Lian, Yi Zhou,Carrie Mo,Qingqing Wu

“The Self-Portrait”

Liniang Du: Aiping Kong Chunxiang: Zhenying Huang*

“Taken Alive”

Poxi Yan: Ling Yang Wenyuan Zhang: Jing Shan

“Princess Florets”

Princess Florets: Aiping Kong Haijun: Min Cheng
Jiang Huayou (Haijun’s sister): Haiyi Yin
Court Attendants*: Jin Gao, Rong Gao
Court Maids*: Roxana Lian, Carrie Mo


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