The Beauty of Kunqu: 2013 Fall Concert 1

"Borrowing Boots"

“Borrowing Boots”

Date: November 30 Time: 1:30pm Location: Queens Library at Flushing(41-17 Main St. Flushing, NY 11355) The program will include An Interrupted Dream (section), The Broken Bridge, and Borrowing Boots. “Borrowing Boots” will have its New York and Kunqu Society premiere. In this comic farce, a trickster named Third Zhang needs an adequate pair of boots to wear to a banquet. He asks his sworn brother, Second Liu, to borrow a special pair, but Second Liu is reluctant. After much pleading and delay, Third Zhang finally gets Second Liu to lend him the boots. By the time Third Zhang arrives at the banquet, however, the guests have all left and the wine has been consumed. Third Zhang then falls asleep, using the boots as a pillow. Second Liu goes out to look for Third Zhang. When the two friends meet, they argue and fight. Distressed about the boots, Second Liu crawls home to avoid dirtying them.

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