The Pavilion of Clear Breeze

The Pavilion of Clear Breeze was written by Chaoguan Yang of the eighteenth century. The play consists of thirty two one-acts, with stories based on histories and legends that reflect the various manifestations of humanity and the sharp contrast between the integrity and corruption of the bureaucracy.

Advice on Banqueting

Advice on Banqueting has been the most popular on stage among the one-acts of The Pavilion of Clear Breeze. It depicts Kou Zhun, an eminent prime minster of the Northern Song dynasty in the tenth century, who is planning an extravagant banquet to celebrate his own birthday. Nanny Liu, who had served Kou’s mother, pretends to trip on the voluminous wax droppings which had accumulated on the ground due to the excessive burning of candles for the birthday celebration. In tears, she recounts how in the past when life was hard Madame Kou thriftily managed the household and worked industriously to raise and educate Kou properly. Upon hearing Nanny’s words, Kou regrets his birthday plans and order the banquet to be dismissed.

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