Resident New York Musicians

Ever since its founding Kunqu Society has relied on Chinese musicians who accepted invitation to become resident artists of the society as well as those who reside in the greater New York metropolitan area to support its public programs. Their long-term assistance enables the society to continue to present kunqu programs and sustain its missions in introducing and promoting the art form.

Guo, Jingqiang

A graduate of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music where he studied with Wei Zhongle and Chen Junying, Mr. Guo had been a member of the Shanghai Orchestra, the Shanghai Philharmonic, and the Shanghai Traditional Music Orchestra. He is now an internationally known erhu (two-stringed fiddle) master, and a member of the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York.

Huang, Chenglin

A graduate of the Shanghai Chinese Drama School, under the tutorship of Kong Jin, Zhao Jigeng, and Dai Jinfu, Mr. Huang went to Beijing after graduating in 1966 and further enhanced his artistic skills under several great masters. His commitment to excellence has distinguished him as an outstanding musician of a variety of Chinese musical instruments, such as erhu (two-stringed fiddle), dizi (Chinese flute), suona (Chinese clarinet), yuechin (moon mandolin), and others.

Huang, Shirong

After graduating from the Shanghai Chinese Drama School, he served as the conductor of the famous Shanghai Beijing Opera Troupe for more than 30 years.  Several of the Troupe‘s popular productions that he conducted have won national awards or have been made into movies. He has been invited to perform in the USSR, Japan, Hong Kong and US.

Li, Liqun

Graduated with honor from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, Ms. Liqun Li was a yangqin soloist of the National Orchestra of China. Currently Ms. Li is the honored Overseas Board Member of the Chinese Professional YangQin Committee. She serves as a Lecturer at New York University and is a member of the Music Teachers National Association U.S.A. In 1995, Ms. Li won the second prize at the “International Chinese Instrument Solo Competition” in Beijing.

Song, Bairu

Wang, Linsong

Mr. Wang joined the Shanghai Shaoxing Opera Theater in 1958, where he mastered a variety of musical instruments, including pipa, three-stringed lute, reed pipes and Chinese operatic drums. He was also a Composer-in Residence at the Shanghai Shaoxing Opera Theater. Mr. Wang has participated in many productions of the Society.

Wang, Zhensheng

A graduate of the Jiangsu Drama School, Mr. Wang served as master drummer at the Jiangsu Kunqu Institute. He is also a distinguished performer of erhu (two-stringed fiddle) and dizi (Chinese flute), two classical Chinese musical instruments. Mr. Wang has served as conductor of the orchestra in many productions of the Society.

Xu, Yuyuan

Mr. Xu is a graduate from the Department of Chinese Folk Music of the Shanghai Academy of Music, majoring in dizi (Chinese flute). He served in the Shanghai Beijing Opera Troupe for 27 years. Mr. Xu is currently a resident artist and the flute instructor of the Kunqu Workshop. He is also a resident artist of the New York Chinese Music Ensemble.

Zhou, Ming (Flutist)

Mr. Zhou is a master of dizi (Chinese flute). A graduate of the Shanghai Academy of Performing Arts, he received a BA degree in dizi from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1989 and was acclaimed as a top-ranked musician in China. Mr. Zhou has performed as the lead musician for over twenty-five major kunqu plays, including the Lincoln Center production of The Peony Pavilion (1999). Mr. Zhou has participated in many of the Society’s public programs and served as the principal musician.

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