Visiting Musicians

Along with the visiting kunqu artists, Kunqu Society extends its invitation to prominent musicians to support its public programs. They provide the indispensable and excellent musical accompaniment of the programs and enhance the audience’s enjoyment of the programs immensely.

Ji, Zhiliang

From a theatre family, Mr. Ji graduated from the Jiangsu Drama School in 1985, with specialization in kunqu percussion music. He worked for the Jiangsu Kunqu Theatre Troupe after graduation and for the Wuxi Municipal Xi Theatre Troupe beginning in 1988. In 1999 Mr. Ji accepted the invitation of Kunqu Society in New York and participated in its public programs for almost a year. In 2000 he returned to the Xi theatre troupe. In 2006 Mr. Ji earned a Master’s degree in theatre and drama. He is currently Deputy Director of the Xi theatre troupe and Vice Principle of the Wuxi Culture and Arts School. Mr. Ji is a top-ranked musician nationally in China and a member of Chinese Dramatists Association, among others. He has participated in music composition for many Xi theatre productions and written extensively on Chinese percussion music. Mr. Ji received prestigious awards and recognitions, including Best New Plays Award, Outstanding Educator of Wuxi, and Prominent Cultural Figures of Jiangsu.

Shen, Yang

A graduate of the Jiangsu Drama School with specialization in kunqu music, Mr. Shen has worked for the Jiangsu Kunqu Theatre Troupe since 1983. He is currently second-ranked musician nationally in China and lead drummer of the troupe. As a drummer Mr. Shen has conducted the percussion orchestra in various productions, including the live broadcast of Little Sun Tu on China Central Television, The Peony Pavilion, Zhu Maichen Divorces His Wife, and highlight scenes of kunqu. He has toured with the troupe and visited Britain, Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Wang, Jiannong

Top-ranked flutist nationally in China, Mr. Wang is the lead flutist of the Jiangsu Kunqu Theatre Troupe. He is a member of the Chinese Musicians Association and a board member of the Professional Flutists Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society. Mr. Wang has provided flute accompaniment for many kunqu productions, including The Peony Pavilion, The Peach Blossoms, and Fifteen Strings of Cash, as well as kunqu audio-visual recordings. In addition to flute playing, Mr. Wang also composes kunqu music and contributes to encyclopedias of Chinese theatrical music and kunqu. In 2007, 2008, and 2011 Mr. Wang held successful solo flute concerts. He has been invited to give lectures and flute performances with popular acclaim.

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